SUPnorth was conceived in 2011 by our passion for outdoor adventures and love of surfing. Our mission is to share the joy of gliding over silky waters, and the lakes here in cottage country are perfect for paddling. They offer a  zen like atmosphere to an activity with amazing physical benefits.

 About your Instructors

Pablo Bonilla is a lifelong Waterman. He grew up in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.

He began surfing in his early teens and quickly entered the competitive circuit.

In 2008 Pablo became 3x Mexican National Longboard Champion and represented Mexico in the ISA World Surfing Games in Portugal.

So how did he end up in Canada you ask?

Well, early in 2004, while on a break from studying Marine Science at University, he met his future wife. A pretty little Canadian girl named Holly was travelling Mexico and they quickly fell in love.

Until 2010 they were living on the beaches near Los Cabos, teaching surfing, fishing and raising their little girls.

Now they spend their summers in Haliburton, Ontario and winters in Baja Mexico teaching Surfing, SUP and Fishing.

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Pablo is a Paddle Canada Certified SUP Instructor , BluWave SUP Team Rider, American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor, 2015 Rip Curl Pro Tofino Longboard Surf Champion and 2017 Mexican National Longboard Surf Champion!

Holly B grew up here in Haliburton spending her winters at Sir Sam's Ski Area skiing from age 1 and changing to a snowboard at age 8. She spent summers in the lake pretending to be a mermaid and dreaming of surfing warm ocean waters.  

In 2003 she moved down to Mexico to live the surf dream. While surfing she met Pablo and the rest is history!

Holly has taught paddle boarding for Roxy and Algonquin Outfitters Muskoka Ladies Night as well as Wild Woman Expeditions WOW Paddle Festival!

Holly B is a Paddle Fit Level 2 Certified Instructor, SUP'nGirls Area Leader, is Wilderness First Aid Certified,  YogaFit Instructor, American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor and Founder of The International Mermaid Academy!

She is also a crafty mama, you can check out her creations online here:

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